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20 August 2018

3G iPhone Gets AGPS, Costs $199, Hits 22 Countries July 11

Apple’s 3G iPhone with GPS is no longer just a rumor.  This morning at the Worldwide Developer’s Conference in San Francisco, Steve Jobs announced the new iPhone.  With a tagline, “Twice as fast, half the price”, the new iPhone features 3G technology enabling the iPhone fast access to the internet and email over cell networks worldwide, about 2.4 times as fast as EDGE.

3G iPhone With AGPS

Sure enought the 3G iPhone features assisted GPS (AGPS), utilizing both an internal GPS receiver, Wi-fi hotspots, and cellular towers to give you the most accurate location information possible.  If you’re inside, the iPhone will find your position using Wi-fi or cellular towers, and a circle around your position on the map tells you exactly how accurate the information is (smaller circles equal more accurate info).  You can view turn-by-turn directions when planning a route or watch your progress with real-time tracking.  You can switch between map view, satellite view, and a hybrid view, like Google Maps on your computer and by tapping on the multi-touch screen you can pan or zoom around the map.

The new iPhone has some cool powersaving features as well.  The phone detects when the GPS features is in use, but immediately shuts off when now to save power.  The screen has an ambient light sensor that brightens the screen in the sunlight and dims it when in a darkened environment, plus a proximity sensor detects when the phone moves to your ear and shuts off the display.

Other details:

  • slimmer form factor
  • 300 hour standby time
  • 2G talk time 10 hours, 3G talk time 5 hours
  • video playback is 7 hours
  • audio playback is 24 hours
  • internet browsing-up to 6 hours
  • HSDPA for faster downloads
  • support for quad GSM bands, 2100MHz UMTS, 850MHz and 1900MHz variations (mainly American carriers)

The new 3G iPhone will be available in 22 countries July 11 in two models: the 8 GB version will cost $199 come in black, while the 16 GB version will cost $299 and come in both black and white.  Later this summer the iPhone will hit an additional 24 countries, and a further 24 countries are on the list for a later date bringing the total number of countries getting the 3G iPhone to 70.

via apple, check out the full keynote here

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