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8 August 2020

3G iPhone Rumored To Have GPS

Possible 2nd Generation 3G iPhone

This picture, which may or may not be of Apple’s upcoming 3G iPhone, has sparked internet wide hysteria, not so much due to the picture but the rumored specs that come along with it. Now we’ll give you the full list of specs and all the details, but first to the most important part. The new 3G iPhone will supposedly have full GPS functionality, and we’re talking about down to the meter, accurate GPS.  So there it is, we spit it out.

Other rumored features include a sleeker, rounder, and for some reason thicker design, shiny black coloring, chrome volume buttons, non-recessed headphone jack, non-removable battery, and a screen size and resolution pretty much identical to the first generation model.  It could be shipped as early as July, but of course that’s just a rumor too.

Via iPod Observer

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