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10 August 2020

3rd generation iPhone: what’s inside and who makes it

The folks from Digitimes apparently have an inside line on the rumored next-generation iPhone, listing all of the companies producing the innards of the new iPhone expected to be announced in June.

iphonecomplist 3rd generation iPhone: whats inside and who makes it

Exactly which iPhone this chart refers to is a bit of an unknown but the 3.2 megapixel camera means that regardless it’s an improvement.  Also notice that Infineon managed to keep its grip on the GPS chipset as it was the supplier for the 3G iPhone as well.  The one missing component is the processor and the company that makes it.

The iPhone 3.0 is said to begin shipping in May in a first batch of 5 million units.  If this is the case, that’s plenty of time to hit North America ahead of Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference.


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