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25 May 2020

AIM for iPhone updated, lets you share your location with friends

aim-iphone-sharelocationFans of AOL’s AIM network will be getting an update to the iPhone application, but will have to choose whether to fork out a few bucks for a paid version or suffer through advertisements with the free version.

The free version, renamed AIM Free, will feature a small pop-up ad at the bottom of the display when opened, but given it only lasts a few seconds, a few newly added features might be worth the momentary suffering.

Most interesting to me is the addition of location awareness.  When you open AIM Free for the iPhone you’ll be asked whether you’d like to share your location with your friends  Alternatively you’ll have the options of sharing your location with everyone or no one at all.  If you choose to share your location, each instant message you send will be tagged with your immediate location.

There are a few other new features as well.  You can stay logged into AIM for a full 24 hours and when the application is closed, you’ll be able to set up SMS notifications to let you know when you’ve received a new IM.  The last added feature, but one of the most useful in my opinion, is the ability of AIM to integrate with your iPhone contact list so you can send IM’s to a screen name or an SMS to a phone number.  It seems simple enough, but it makes the application much more useful.

AIM Free is already available in the App Store for download, however the aptly named AIM Paid is still somewhere in the Apple application approval pipeline.


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