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8 August 2020

AMD backtracks, working on Ontario processing platform for netbooks

amd logo AMD backtracks, working on Ontario processing platform for netbooksAdvanced Micro Devices (AMD) recently spun off its manufacturing operation to Abu Dhabi’s The Foundry Company leading the folks from CNET to speak with AMD chief executive Dirk Meyer and find out what comes next for the chip maker.

What I found interesting about the interview was the revelation of a new line of AMD chips codenamed Ontario.  While AMD swore off netbooks last year, Meyer said that the company has re-evaluated the market and is currently working on a low-power chip for devices with screen sizes 10-inches and above–though he won’t call them netbooks.  At first I figured AMD would just used its newly announced Yukon platform for smaller devices, but apparently not.  Yukon looks like it’ll only be used for larger form factors like HP’s upcoming dv2 Pavilion notebook which has a display size of 13-inches.

The followup Congo platform will also be targeted at larger display sizes.  Ontario will be used in devices priced down to a $399 price tag.


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