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GPS obsessed

21 August 2018

ASUS CEO confirms Eee Phone, but will it run Android?

asus logo ASUS CEO confirms Eee Phone, but will it run Android?If ASUS’ chairman Jonney Shih starts a rumor then it must be true…at least in relation to ASUS products.  That’s exactly what he’s done in an interview with the New York Times’ Saul Hansell.  Shih confirmed rumors that ASUS would be coming out with an ASUS Eee Phone as part of the company’s vision to power an entire home full of connected, touchscreen entertainment gear.  Most of ASUS’ handsets have been limited to Asia so far and run Windows Mobile.  But with ASUS’ recent decision to join the Open Handset Alliance, will the new Eee phone run Android ?  If so it would make an excellent addition to its impressive product line including its new Eee PC keyboard and line of netbooks.

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