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2 August 2020

AT&T rolls out creepy FamilyMap service

att familymap AT&T rolls out creepy FamilyMap service

AT&T has rolled out FamilyMap, another creepy GPS tracking service.  More or less designed to help parents keep tabs on their kids, FamilyMap enables tracking of up to five different phone numbers on the AT&T network.  Users only need a mobile phone or PC to see the location of any phone number under the plan, and scheduled times can be set to check locations so, for example, a parent can check to see if their kids are home from school.  Locations can be sent via text message or email.

Available for all post-paid phones offered by AT&T, FamilyMap is free for the first 30 days after which it costs $9.99/month to locate up to two phones and $14.99/month to locate up to five phones.  One of the interesting things about FamilyMap is that users having their phones located don’t necessarily know every time it occurs.  Once it becomes locatable the user receives a text message notifying them, after which they are periodically reminded about once a month as long as they can be tracked.  Oh, and no you can’t just track any phone number you like, creep.


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