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17 August 2019

Background processing coming to the iPhone? Push notification be damned!

Despite the growing popularity of location-based applications on the iPhone, the lack of background processing for 3rd party applications or push notification on the handset make them difficult to use at times. 

For instance, if you use Loopt for connecting with and instant messaging nearby friends you have to keep the application open to use it.  Switch to another task and it has to be closed, making it impossible to know if you received a message in the meanwhile or if other friends are nearby.

Push notification would enable iPhone users to receive updates from closed applications, but while it was supposed to be released in an update last fall, the feature still hasn’t appeared.  Something is obviously holding up the process and Apple isn’t a company that’s open enough to tell us why.

The good news is that MacRumors has heard Apple may be considering allowing one or two apps to run in the background with the iPhone 3.0 update.  This would be a big positive for the iPhone and would undoubtedly make VentureBeat’s MG Siegler a helluva lot happier.

Looking forward to June, if the rumored third generation iPhone is in fact real and a major architectural improvement from the current iPhone hardware, it will probably support 3rd party application background processing, eliminating the need for push notification altogether.

Maybe the big hold-up is just a new iPhone?  What do you think?

via macrumors

(Image Credit: incurable_hippie)

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