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20 September 2020

Best Budget GPS Navigators: Consumer Reports Says Garmin’s The Best

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Consumer Reports has been busy testing 49 of the most popular GPS navigators on the market and has come up with 14 of the best. Not surprisingly, Garmin’s nuvi 880 ranked number one overall “provid(ing) intuitive controls, good guidance, an array of features, and an effective voice-recognition system that lets a user enter an address, choose a point of interest, or change a setting simply by speaking a command. Of course it also costs $600.

If you’re a little more budget conscious, the mag recommends Garmin’s nuvi 255W or 255 as offering up a good combination of value and features.  For the cheapest of the cheap, look at Garmin’s nuvi 200, 250, 270, 200W or TomTom’s ONE 130.

Just keep in mind that while budget models will provide you with reliable basic GPS functionality, you won’t have real-time features, Bluetooth, voice recognition and all the fancy features you’ll find in a model like the Garmin 880.

You can see the entire review guide in the December 2008 issue of Consumer Reports or you can subscribe online.

Recommended GPS Units:

Garmin nuvi 880-$583 at Amazon

Garmin nuvi 255W-$239 at Amazon

Garmin nuvi 255-$187 at Amazon

Garmin nuvi 200-$148 at Amazon

Garmin nuvi 250-$154 at Amazon

Garmin nuvi 270-$158 at Amazon

Garmin nuvi 200W-$175 at Amazon

TomTom ONE 130-$142

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