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30 June 2020

Blackberry news: Blackberry Niagara 9630 pics, App World pricing is a good thing

Whether this are real photos of the Blackberry Niagara, also known now as the Blackberry 9630 remains to be seen.  But since sourced them, I’m inclined to believe they are real.  As you can see, Research In Motion opted to forgo the full touchscreen funny business of the Blackberry Storm and stick with the tried-and-true trackball and QWERTY keypad.

In other Blackberry news, the pricing structure for the Blackberry App World has been posted on the RIM site, and unlike Apple’s minimum $0.99 price tag for paid applications, the App World opts for a $2.99 price point.  I know there has been quite a bit of chatter on the web today about how that may be a bad thing.  It’s true in a way if RIM is looking for pure download numbers.  Some of the stupidest applications you could possibly think of have been incredibly successful in the iPhone App Store priced at $0.99.

But remember, Blackberry smartphones have gained global success by catering to enterprise users.  When the Storm launched with an iPhone-like touchscreen, a plethora of Blackberry fanatics were turned off.  The best thing for the Blackberry, in my opinion, is for Research In Motion to think ‘enterprise’ at all times.  By pricing Blackberry apps at a higher price minimum, it’s likely developers won’t submit crap apps.  Take into consideration the $200 developers have to fork out just to submit an application and it makes even more sense.  That has to be made back somehow.

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