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GPS obsessed

25 November 2017

Check A Toilet: A mobile GPS public bathroom finder for Japan

japan toilet Check A Toilet: A mobile GPS public bathroom finder for JapanUsing the washroom is just a fact of human life.  Perhaps that’s why there are so many businesses popping up these days enabling user-generated public toilet reviews.  The latest is in Japan.  Buoyed by a mobile phone market sitting somewhere north of 50 million, software company Access has created Check A Toilet.  Not only can it be accessed online, but also via mobile phone where it’d be of most use.

According to The Telegraph, Check A Toilet has a massive database stretching “from Tokyo to the northern city of Sapporo,” and has thousands of maps highlighting public toilets near the user.  The washrooms are even detailed regarding features such as whether or not they have a baby-changing table.

This isn’t the first human waste-focused startup we’ve talked about here.  Diaroogle is a popular toilet-finder in New York City, while SitOrSquat recently secured a toilet paper sponsorship from Charmin.


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