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GPS obsessed

21 August 2018

Citysense: Nightlife Hotspots On A Mobile Heatmap

Citysense Location-Based Application

Living in Winnipeg, Canada doesn’t lend itself to an application such as Citysense, not because Citysense isn’t a great app, but because Winnipeg’s a little low on nightlife hotspots.  In my honest opinion anyway.  As you could probably tell from my opening statement, CitySense is a mobile application that uses heat maps to help you locate the hottest night spots in a given location.  Developed by Sense Networks, founded as a research project back in 2003 by a couple of computer scientists, Alex Pentland and Tony Jebara, Citysense is built on top of the company’s technology platform Macrosense.

It works like this:

Everyone’s cell phone gives out information from which its location can be derived.  By clustering these points, it finds the places with the most activity (the hot spots), then links them into Yelp or Google to help you find out what’s happening at each spot.  Sporting a little intelligence, over time Citysense detects what type of activities you like, and what others it deems like you like and points you to where they are.  The company ingests as much cellular based location info as it can and then using algorithms indexes and ranks real world locations.  Kind of like a real world Google.  And then of course, the most popular location are visible on a heat map on your mobile phone’s screen, identifiable by their dark red coloring.

Available soon for the iPhone, Citysense only works right now in San Francisco and is already supported by a variety of Blackberry Pearl, Gamma Ray, and Curve models.

via techcrunch

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