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22 August 2019

Clear Network may not hit Chicago until late 2009

clear screenshot Clear Network may not hit Chicago until late 2009Despite the fact that WiMAX was supposed to rollout in Chicago, Illinois by the end of 2008 and despite the fact much of the city’s 4G infrastructure is already in place, it may be late in 2009 before what is now known as the Clear network hits Chicago officially.

According to the Chicago Tribune , Baltimore was the initial WiMAX market last year because Sprint and Clearwire wanted to see how well wireless signals fared with the thick walls of the city’s old homes, as well as how effective it was with hills and a harbor.  Baltimore is also a much more compact city than Chicago.

In a couple days, it is expected to be announced that Clear will next go live in Portland.  By the end of this year it’s likely that the competing 4G standard, Long Term Evolution (LTE), will start to become available in some American markets.  WiMAX has a bit of a jumpstart however.  According to WiMAX Forum president, Ron Resnick, more than 500 WiMAX-compatible devices are currently in production and vice president for Sprint’s WiMAX network, Todd Rowley, say we may see another 4G phone from the carrier by the end of 2009.

Because there is WiMAX infrastructure built in Chicago, there are about 100 unofficial 4G connections in the city.

Sprint and Clearwire recently merged their respective 4G technologies in order to form the Clear network.  The $3.2 billion transaction included investments from Google and Intel, among a few others.

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