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16 August 2018

Custom cellphone maker Modu gets $7 million from Qualcomm

modu logo thumb Custom cellphone maker Modu gets $7 million from Qualcomm

Innovative handset maker Modu has raised $7 million from Qualcomm, according to moconews.  The deal gives Qualcomm the rights to put its chips in Modu’s mobile phones.  Modu has now raised a total of $65 million.

The Israel-based Modu produces a 40 gram mobile phone–the lightest in the world according to Guinness–and supplies different ways to customize the handset’s design and functionality.  For instance, interchangeable jackets can customize the look of the Modu to appeal to children or be custom-branded with a music artist.  Modu even go’s so far as to preload the phone with an artist’s music if the buyer chooses.

Modu also produces phone enclosures called ‘mates’ which extend functionality.  The GPS mate looks just like a typical portable navigation device, but has a slot in the top where the Modu fits.  The GPS mate can then access the Modu’s contact list, address book, and other information to help you navigate, for example, to a friend’s house or text that friend your location so he knows you’re nearby.

In a nutshell, Modu is all about personalization.  Instead of heading to your local wireless service provider and sorting through a pile of mobile handsets to find one that only partially meets your needs and preferences, Modu provides the phone and you customize it to fit you exactly.

Modu was founded in 2007 by Dev Moran, the inventor of the DiskOnKey USB flash drive.  He sold the flash drive under another one of his company’s, mSystems, which was sold to SanDisk in 2006 for $1.6 billion.

The video below highlights the ‘jackets’ and ‘mates’.

via moconews

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