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21 August 2018

Dash Express Costs $299.99

It’s damn exciting news to see that Silicon Valley-based Dash Navigation has moved the Dash Express into the PND pricing mainstream by lowering its pricetag to a penny less than $300 from its initial price of $400.  This is all thanks to a Dads & Grads Father’s Day promotion that was an absolute hit.  The price of the Dash Express was lowered to $299.99 for the promotion and sales spiked big time, prompting Dash to crunch the numbers and see the lower price point is a more effective one.

With the Dash Express being the first two-way connected PND on the market that uses cellular and WiFi modems to collect real-time traffic data and road speed conditions from Dash users as they drive, the Dash Express is the closest PND’s come to competing with the ever-stronger cellular navigation market which looks to be taking off, especially with the recent release of the 2nd generation iPhone.

With the new $299.99 price tag, the Dash Express is priced about average for a PND and with more users expected at the new price, the information Dash users obtain from their units will only get more accurate.

All excited and want one for yourself now?  Head over to Amazon where it’s already $299.99.

via dash blog

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