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5 July 2020

Dash Express June08 Update Completely Wireless, Brings Hot New Features

Dash Express

Dash Navigation, maker of the Dash Express and arguably the most innovative player in the navigation market at the moment, will be updating Dash Express users with the June08 Update wirelessly requiring absolutely no PC connection.  Completely done over-the-air, the June08 Update adds some handy new features to the Express.  MyRoute and Search Along Route are designed to ask questions such as “Where is the nearest coffee shop?” or “Are there any other options to this route?”, adding a touch of intelligence to the PND.

FasterFind reduces the time the Dash requires to attain a GPS fix on startup and maps are now drawn 50% faster than when the PND was first released.  Now the Dash Express is definitely worth the reduced $299 price; we’re definitely impressed.  Check out the press release after the jump…

Dash Navigation Announces GPS Industry’s First Wireless Software Update and Sends New Features and Enhancements to Dash Express


Sunnyvale, Calif. – June 30, 2008

News Facts

Dash Navigation, Inc. (, the first Internet-connected automotive GPS device, today became the first GPS provider to wirelessly update customers’ device software over-the-air without requiring them to separately purchase and install upgrades via a PC or DVD download. Later today, Dash drivers will automatically receive the software update over WiFi by simply turning on their Dash Express.

The June08 Update adds several new features designed to answer customers’ everyday commuting questions such as “Is my route the best option today?” or “Where is the closest coffee shop along my route?” The MyRoute™ and Search Along Route™ product enhancements make the Dash Express even more relevant for everyday commuting.

The June08 Update also includes a new GPS fix feature called FasterFind™ which dramatically decreases the time it takes for the Dash Express to find its position and start navigating.

Subscribers of the Dash service receive ongoing software updates throughout the year including historical traffic information from the Dash Driver Network, new features, software improvements and updated maps.

The June08 Update includes the following new features and enhancements:

· MyRoute – Maps and traditional GPS devices are great navigation tools, but they will never replace local street smarts. Drivers often know the best shortcuts to and from the places that they frequent, but what they really want to know is whether their route is the smartest route today based on current traffic data. Dash is the only GPS that learns routes automatically based on user behavior. With Dash’s new MyRoute feature, as drivers travel from one point to another, the device automatically learns their preferred route. The next time that they drive between the same origin and destination, the first route choice will be a MyRoute, complete with traffic-based arrival time data. Drivers can compare their MyRoute to the computed Dash routes, including traffic detours, and decide which one is optimal.

· Search Along Route – Finding whatever drivers need on the road using Yahoo! Local search just got even easier. With the new Search Along Route feature, Dash drivers can now search for virtually anything they need along their selected route, shortening diversions on the way to their destination. Want to grab a latte on the way to a meeting? Simply do a Yahoo! Local search for “Starbucks” and select “along route” to be presented with the stores that are most conveniently located. Results are displayed with the distance from the current location, the distance from the route and the direction of the destination relative to the selected route.

· FasterFind – With FasterFind powered by SiRFInstantFix technology, Dash Express uses additional over-the-air GPS satellite position information to get a fast GPS fix so Dash drivers can be underway in seconds. Since the Dash Express is connected, the FasterFind file is automatically and wirelessly downloaded at regular intervals providing users with the most accurate GPS satellite position information available. There is no need to connect to a PC or wait to get a GPS fix. FasterFind not only helps drivers get a quick start every time the device is turned on, it also enables a fast GPS fix under difficult conditions such as beneath tree cover and near high-rise buildings.

· Performance Enhancements – Continued system upgrades have enabled significant progress in overall device performance. For instance, the June08 Update increases the speed in which Dash Express draws its maps by more than 50%. It also enables quicker toggling between 2D and 3D map views and smoother map zooming.

· User Interface Improvements – The June08 Update also includes numerous user-requested refinements to the Dash Express interface, making it even more intuitive for daily use. These improvements include tuning the route selection screen to make it easier to select among the multiple route choices, improving the readability of road labels on the map and expanding the night mode color scheme across more menus for glare reduction.

In conjunction with the first of its kind software update, Dash announced that the Dash Developer Program, launched in May, is off to a great start with over 30 partner and user-created DashApps* that enable consumers to access a wide range of personalized content in their cars – weather, garage sales, real estate listings, speed traps, Twitter – and more!

The company’s newest partner, EveryBlock, collects and publishes neighborhood and block-level news in cities including Chicago, New York and San Francisco. With the EveryBlock DashApp, launched today, drivers in those cities can access a “neighborhood feed,” including public records (e.g., crimes, restaurant inspections, building permits), and user-contributed knowledge (e.g., local photos posted to Flickr) — all filtered geographically according to the vehicle’s current location.

Quote from Dash Navigation

“Unlike existing GPS devices, the Internet-connected Dash Express, is the first system designed to keep learning and getting smarter over time,” said Paul Lego, CEO of Dash Navigation. “Today’s software update is just the beginning. We’re interacting with our customers on a daily basis, gathering their input and incorporating it into the product. With our newest features, we’re able to help our customers quickly get the answers they need during their daily commutes.”

* Content provided by third party developers through the Dash dynamic API is not under the control of Dash and as such is not always guaranteed to be available.

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