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4 August 2020

DXG Adds Geotate’s Yuma Geotagging Software Into Low-Cost Camcorders

geotagging videocamera2 DXG Adds Geotates Yuma Geotagging Software Into Low Cost Camcorders

The other day when I told you that Geotate and SiGe had teamed up to bring geotagging to low-cost digital cameras, I mentioned that camera maker DXG would be releasing the first model utilizing the two technologies.  Turns out its a video camera and I misinterpreted the press release.  In a separate collaboration, DXG has integrated Geotate’s Yuma geotagging software into their DVH586 camcorder platform, enabling film footage to have the same location metadata as a digital photo.  Says Mark Terry, VP of sales and marketing for Geotate,

Geo-aware content is the next evolutionary step for video-sharing sites. The reality is that Geotate’s Capture and Process Later software is the only geotagging solution that offers the right user experience at the right price point to penetrate the mass market. Working in close collaboration with DXG, we have together built a production-ready camera capable of finally giving content creators a new, fun way to easily discover films.

So far no release dates or prices have been mentioned, but minus geotagging software DXG’s video cameras are low-cost typically between $150 and $200.

via letsgodigital

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