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GPS obsessed

20 July 2018

e-Mobile Traffic: real-time traffic application for non-GPS Windows Mobile phones

e mobile traffic 225x300 e Mobile Traffic: real time traffic application for non GPS Windows Mobile phones

WMExperts has a good rundown of e-Mobile Traffic, an application for Windows Mobile handsets without GPS that delivers real-time traffic information through a data connection.  While it does have a few input issues–namely using a stylus while driving isn’t easy–e-Mobile Traffic delivers accurate real-time traffic information in over 50 major American cities.  Without GPS, Windows Mobile users can still avoid accidents and major road congestion, and find nearby points of interest such as gas stations, banks, grocery stores and so on.  e-Mobile Traffic will cost you $19.95, but for a half-decent real-time traffic app that doesn’t require mobile GPS or a dedicated portable navigation device, it’s nothing to complain home about.

via wmexperts

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