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18 February 2018

EMTEC soon to sell Linux-based Gdium netbook in United States for $400

gdium netbook EMTEC soon to sell Linux based Gdium netbook in United States for $400

EMTEC will be launching a 10-inch netbook at CES next month.  Dubbed the Gdium, the netbook weighs in at an airy 1.2 kilograms, features 1024 x 600 pixels, is Linux-based and will come with a bunch of preloaded open source software.  The Gdium will also feature a G-Key, described as “a bootable USB key on which the Linux operating system, applications, and personal data are stored”.  The CES debut will be the first American look at the Gdium before its US release.  It’s expected to be shipped in white, black, and pink, priced around $400.

via engadget

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