Foursquare nets Mayor free eats in North Carolina

foursquare android 133x300 Foursquare nets Mayor free eats in North CarolinaMobile couponing has been part of location-aware Foursquare’s business model since day one, but today one business decided the best deal equals free. Blynk Organic, in Charlotte, North Carolina, has decided to let the Mayor of its location eat for free.

To become Mayor, a person needs to have checked-in to Blynk Organic more than any other Foursquare user. This is definitely an incentive to visit the eatery and a great way to get some free press coverage. Smart business move on behalf of Blynk Organic.

How long this will last is an unknown at the moment, but expect more deals like this to pop up through Foursquare and other place-oriented LBS social networks in 2010.

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