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GPS obsessed

21 August 2018

Froglife uses Google Earth to campaign for UK toad road safety

I was quite upset this morning to find out that campaign group Froglife had to be formed due to the insensitivity of UK drivers to toad mating habits.  No, I wasn’t really that upset, but the situation must be bad across the pond for the toads.

In fact, it’s so bad that Froglife has identified “700 amphibian crossing points” on UK roads, and plotted them on Google Earth to help drivers be aware of potential toad deathtraps.

Apparently before Froglife one village “toad warden” said there “used to be thousand of squashed toads in the road.”  The issue, according to the toad warden, is that toads are picky about where they breed and accordingly, 80 percent of them have to cross busy streets.

Ok then…if you want to get involved in Froglife or possibly become a “toad patroller”, check out the website!


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