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24 May 2020

Georgia bill could ban GPS tracking, private eye’s ticked


Private investigators in Georgia are a little irked at a proposed bill that could disallow placing GPS trackers on vehicles.  While the bill excludes parents tracking kids, cops, and enterprise usage, it includes private investigators.

One of those investigators, T.J. Ward, says his GPS tracking data is often used in court by police and one of his clients saved millions in alimony after catching his wife’s infidelity by placing a tracker under her car.

I can understand how this bill came about.  It seems innocent enough to stick a GPS device under someone’s vehicle–well, kind of–but what if the cheatee mentioned above got so angry after finding out his wife was cheating, he chose murder over divorce.  That’s a valid concern.

All of the valid use cases are eliminated from the bill–it’s just preventative.  And I’ve always found private investigators to be kind of seedy anyway.

via wsbtv

(Image Credit: damonabnormal)

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