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5 August 2020

Google enters the tourism business with City Tours

city tours logo Google enters the tourism business with City ToursGoogle’s latest Labs experiment takes the company far from the search business.  It actually puts Google in the tourism business.  Who would have thought?  Called City Tours, Google will take any city name you plug in and suggest sites to see and create a multi-day itinerary down to the minute.

Being a Labs project, City Tours is definitely a beta service.  While it will create an itinerary for the most out-of-the-way little towns, some of its suggestions seem a little much.  Two and three hour walks with no rest aren’t what most people would call sightseeing.  That seems more like a marathon to me.  But should City Tours catch on, Google will likely incorporate all kinds of other data such as transit information and Street View imagery, eventually forming a service that will probably leave the tourism industry feeling more than a little threatened.


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