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27 May 2020

Google Maps wants you to know “What’s here?”

gmaps whatshere Google Maps wants you to know Whats here?When it comes to the internet, it’s sometimes the smallest feature additions that result in the greatest performance enhancements.  Case in point–Google’s addition of the “What’s here?” feature to Google Maps.  Now, by clicking a point on the map and right-clicking your mouse, you’ll have the option of choosing What’s here? and be returned the most relevant result, whether that be an address of place name.

The result returned is also dependent on the zoom level.  If you’re zoomed in closely, you might get an exact street address.  You can also combine the result with “At this address” to get full business listings if, for example, you’re pointing to a shopping mall.  Zoom out a bit and you might be returned the names of larger geographic landscapes.


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