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7 July 2020

GPS Glitches Increase In Proportion To Its Growing Popularity

GPS navigation is an incredibly useful technology that is evolving very quickly, but like any technology, has its glitches. Truckers trying to drive to a Secaucus, New Jersey industrial park are being routed by certain Garmin GPS models into a gate that isn’t shown on their GPS unit’s electronic maps. The gate which separates a residential area from the industrial park is only open for a limited time on weekdays, and truckers greeted by a closed gate have on occasion have to call local cops to open the gate because their trucks are to big to turn around. Residents in the area are unhappy about the increase in traffic on their streets as GPS units have routed truckers down the same streets as more truckers began using the navigational technology. Garmin has been notified of the problems, but says that until a formal complaint is made, nothing can be done to change their electronic mapping system.

Via My Way News

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