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GPS obsessed

21 August 2018

GPS-Sportin’ T-Mobile G1 Officially Unveiled, Pre-Order Yours Now

It’s finally official.  T-Mobile’s G1, the first Android smartphone, was unveiled this morning and the folks over at moconews have a pretty good live rundown on the whole show.  Here we’ve condensed all the important stuff for you:

Price and availability:  you can pre-order now at, the official site but general availability will be October 22 in the US.  The phone can be had for $179 from T-Mobile retail store and online as well with a 2-year voice and data plan.  Plan pricing starts at $25 for unlimited data and 400 text messages running up to $35 a month for unlimited messaging and web browsing.  The G1 will hit the UK in November and spread across Europe in early 2009.

Look and functionality: not quite as slick as the iPhone, but I wouldn’t really call it an iPhone competitor anyway.  In terms of the user interface, fairly well designed, but more “Windows Mobile than iPhone”.  Browsing is pretty good, though not great, but T-Mobile’s network seemed alot quicker than AT&T’s 3G.  Of course, it’s got GPS and a camera, but overall its too early to tell if this is a great device or not.  We’ll have to see what 3rd party apps are developed, along with open platform extensions.

Amazon: probably the most interesting announcement today was the G1 Amazon MP3 store, which contains 6 million DRM-free songs for purchase from all the major labels and tons of indie names.

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