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6 August 2020

Have You Noticed Any Cracks In Your White 3G iPhone Casing?

iphonecrack2 Have You Noticed Any Cracks In Your White 3G iPhone Casing?

The rollout of the 3G iPhone has been a tough one for Apple, plagued by issues ranging from overwhelmed update servers to applications causing browser crashes.  Fair enough–though Apple has taken all kinds of heat for the flubbed product launch, if they can’t do it no company out there would have.  But the latest problem, if it turns out to be widespread is more than inexcusable.

Owners of the white model 3G iPhone have noticed cracks appearing in the handset casing.  Exactly how many owners have had this problem isn’t known yet, but several have come out of the woodwork over at the Mac Rumors forum.  Chances are that if this is happening to the white models, black models are also affected though it’s obviously not as easy to tell.  The problems started appearing only a week after the July 11 launch and so far Apple hasn’t responded in any way to the issue, so your best bet at the moment is to take your phone back to where you got it if cracks appear and get a replacement.  We’ll keep you updated.

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