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11 August 2020

How To Use A GPS Device To Avoid Traffic Tickets

Phantom Alert GPS Device To Avoid Traffic

While speed traps are definitely a good thing in terms of safety and accident prevention, it always sucks when you’re in an unfamiliar area where your knowledge of speed limits, etc., etc. isn’t quite up to par and, flash, next thing you know you get a pricey traffic ticket in the mail.

Thanks to, a website that has compiled an extensive database of both American and Canadian speed trap and red light camera locations, you can import the entire 3400 troublespot database to your Garmin, TomTom, Magellan, or other compatible device by connected you GPS device to your PC via USB.  Once imported, every time you happen to approach a speed trap or red light camera, your GPS unit will alert you with both audio and visual warnings.  If you happen to be one of the unlucky few that hit a trap that isn’t in the database yet, you can head to the PhantomAlert website and contribute all the details yourself.

The database is free to download and use for one year, after which a $25 annual subscription fee covers updates.  Plus if you’re still looking to jump on the GPS bandwagon, you can purchase a unit from PhantomAlert and receive free updates for life.

How To Use A GPS Device To Avoid Traffic

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