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21 August 2018

HTC Dream, aka G1, aka Android Phone Coming To T-Mobile September 17?

Tmonews has it from a “trusted source” that existing T-Mobile customers will be granted a presale of the delayed-maybe-not-delayed HTC Dream.  The presale supposedly starts September 17 and will last for one week.  Existing customers will be able to pre-purchase the Google Android-powered HTC Dream, aka G1, for $150 although the actual retail price is expected to be $399.  A full launch is rumored to be happening in early to mid-October.

Remember that leaked video that supposedly featured the HTC Dream, aka G1, in white.  Whether or not that’s the actual phone we still don’t know, but the G1 is not only expected to be available in white, but in black and brown also.  Who wants a brown cell phone I’m not sure, but the 3G-enabled phone will probably require a data plan from T-Mobile and user’s will require a Google Gmail account for the phone to work.  Other rumored specs include a 5-inch long by 3-inch wide touchscreen, a slide-out QWERTY keypad, and most likely some sort of built-in GPS.  However, there’s been no mention of any WiFi capabilities or UMA.

We’d like to hear from any T-Mobile customers out there.  Are you planning on purchasing the HTC Dream, aka G1?

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