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21 August 2018

HTC Dream Coming To T-Mobile October 13?

TmoWorld has some serious speculation going on regarding the HTC Dream.  They are ‘confirming’ that the specific launch date for the Google Android-powered Dream is October 13, less than 2 months away.  September 17, another ‘confirmed’ date, T-Mobile will not only announce pre-order plans for T-Mo customers, but allow existing T-Mo customers to pre-order the same day via a dedicated online site.  Pre-orders will apparently end October 3 at 5 PM EST.

By the way, existing customers have to have completed 11 months of a 1-year term or 22 months of a 2-year term to constitute being an existing customer, so don’t think think you can sign with T-Mo now and trade in your current phone come pre-order time.

During pre-order, you’ll be forced to sign a 2-year plan at a instantly subsidized price of $199 which will be added to your first bill.  Oh, and you’ll have to pay an $18 upgrade fee, though shipping will be free.  Color options will be black, brown, and white, but interestingly the specs listed over at TmoNews don’t include either GPS or Bluetooth, although the Dream apparently supports both Google Maps and Street View.  This doesn’t sit quite right with me as from the updated SDK it appears with almost 100% certainty that the Dream will have a built-in GPS receiver and the recent FCC filings clearly show the Dream featuring Bluetooth.

That said, take all of the above with a grain of salt.  It may be true, it may not be-we probably won’t know for a couple more weeks.

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