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21 August 2018

HTC Dream Passes FCC, Coming To T-Mobile Mid November Running On Android? (And…Android 0.9 SDK Released!)

There’s been an absolutely huge amount of exciting news in the Android OS camp today.  This morning Engadget picked out the much-anticipated HTC Dream mobile phone in the new FCC filings, confirming that it’s coming very soon.  Listed as model DREA100, the Dream also received a WiFi Interoperability Certificate bringing 802.11b/g WiFi into the phone’s spec mix.  You can check out all the details by following these links:

As for the rumors making the rounds that T-Mobile would release the HTC Dream as early as October, that was partly confirmed today as the wireless provider did announce that they would be releasing a mobile phone powered by Google’s Android OS.  This makes them the first wireless provider to do so and given the timing of the FCC filing it would make sense that the HTC Dream would in fact be the phone in question.  However neither Google nor HTC has revealed if the Dream will run Android yet.  Infoworld did notice however that HTC has requested that the FCC withhold some details of the filing, including pictures and the user manual, until November 10.  Putting all of the pieces together really only could mean one thing: that T-Mobile will carry the HTC Dream, powered by Android, after November 10, not in October as originally speculated.

Adding to evidence was Google’s long-awaited release of the 0.9 beta Android SDK, just a step away from an official 1.0 release.  There’s been a fair number of changes, but Google says the API’s are now pretty stable and doesn’t expect too many changes between now and the 1.0 release.

In terms of location changes, developers will have to acquire a no-cost API key from Google in order to get full access to the MapView API and the emulator has more support for for updating the emulated location fix.

Google also released a development roadmap running until the end of 2008 and features a little bit more evidence supporting a T-Mobile release of the HTC Dream in November.  Starting today and running until the end of 2008, Google has set the following timeline for Android:

  • 18 August, 2008 – Android 0.9 SDK beta released
  • September 2008 – additional Android 1.0 (pre) SDK releases made available, as necessary
  • Q3 – Q4 2008 – Android 1.0 SDK release 1 available (first actual 1.0-compatible SDK)
  • Q4 2008 – Android 1.0 devices available at retail
  • Q4 2008 – Source code released
  • Q4 2008 – Key Announcement on Android Developer Challenge II

All this news has me thinking too about the Garmin nuviphone.  While most of us are focusing on pitting the iPhone against Android, T-Mobile has been mentioned as a possible carrier of the nuviphone which has been delayed until early 2009.  It’s a good possibility too, since T is rolling out its nationwide 3G coverage finally October 1.  Could the the “carrier-specific requirements” that pushed back the nuviphone release actually be an attempt on T-Mobile’s part to avoid pitting the HTC Dream against the Garmin nuviphone?

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