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23 August 2019

India’s $10 laptop supposedly launched, but no pictures or new info available

question-markThe $10 laptop I’ve been so pumped about was unveiled in India today…I think.  While it was apparently unveiled, not one picture, video, or visually supporting evidence has emerged.  According to Information Week, the laptop is named Sakshat, after the country’s e-learning portal, consumes 2 Watts of power, has Wi-Fi, ethernet, and 2 GB of memory.  It’ll be priced at $20 at launch, whenever that is, but with mass production, economies of scale should eventually bring the price down to $10.

There are skeptics who have pointed out the launch timing shortly precedes Indian elections, and the so-called $10 laptop may be nothing more than political posturing.  I hope not, that’d be a real shame.

via information week

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