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20 September 2020

Intellitrac’s X1 Vehicle Tracking Device The Perfect Spy Tool, Lifesaver

Intellitrac X1 Vehicle Tracking Device

Intellitrac’s X1 is a 12-channel, waterproof vehicle tracking system offering real-time GPS/GSM tracking, journey logging, geofencing control, and remote controlling.  A product of Taiwan-based Systech, the X1 can record conversations in your vehicle, features a tow alarm and will even record your vehicle’s mileage.  The light and compact device has a backup battery which has a lifespan of a little more than 3 days in case its connection to your car battery is disrupted, meaning this little gadget could be the one that saves your ass if you get stuck out in a winter blizzard miles away from the nearest signs of life.  So far though, the Intellitrac X1 is not available in the United States.

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