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GPS obsessed

20 August 2018

iPhone App Store Now Live: Location-Aware Apps Galore

appstore app4image 20080609 iPhone App Store Now Live: Location Aware Apps Galore

Apple’s iPhone App Store got its official launch yesterday bringing 554 new apps to first and second generation iPhone users.  With the new GPS capabilites built into the new 3G iPhone and available for the first generation phone via the iPhone 2.0 software update, there are all kinds of location-aware apps available already.  It’ll take us a while to go through them all, but here are a few and stay tuned for more in-depth reviews…

Twitterific iPhone App

Twitterific: just like the desktop client that allows you to post your “tweets” to Twitter, Twitterific uses the iPhone’s location-aware feature to geotag your tweets.  While it doesn’t provide all live feed of your entire twitter network, it does provide a feed of local users.  The ad-supported version will cost you nothing, while the ad-free version will set you back $10.

Google Mobile iPhone App

Google Mobile: a location-aware search engine with an auto-suggest feature that allows you to search for contacts as well as local businesses.  This one is free.

Yelp iPhone App

Yelp: a great free app that let you search for local places to be including pizza joints, restaurants, coffee shops, bars and gas stations.  It provides hours of operation, an address, phone number, and reviews from other’s that have been.

Whrrl iPhone App

Whrrl: super popular online, this app configured for the iPhone is somewhat like Yelp but uses maps to mark off points of interest.  Click on any marker and you can see reviews for that place, write your own review, and even mark off places you’ve been or want to be in the future.  This’ll probably be one of the more popular location-aware apps.  Free.

Box Office iPhone App

Box Office: uses GPS or celltower location to find your position and then gives you movie showtimes in your area.  It also sorts by name or Rotten Tomato rating and then links to Fandango where you can get your tickets.  Free.

Urbanspoon iPhone App

Urbanspoon: we really like this app and have told you about it before.  Now it’s available and free.

This is just a taste of what you’ll get browsing through App Store.  Stay tuned, we have many more to run through ourselves.

Picture Credits: Gizmodo

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