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8 August 2020

iPhone appears on China Unicom website.

china unicom iphone iPhone appears on China Unicom website

Rumors have been circulating that put China Unicom as being a potential carrier for Apple’s 3G iPhone after China Mobile lost the opportunity due to its homegrown TD-SCDMA network presenting hardware incompatibilities.

The truth is a little closer to being known today after the iPhone popped up on China Unicom’s website.  While there is no indication of availability (though we’ve heard May 17), its appearance would seem to confirm Unicom will offer the iPhone with Chinese language inputs and all.

The iPhone is already extremely popular in China due to the number of  gray-market, unlocked versions available on the web.  But actually carrying the iPhone should help China Unicom significantly grow its subscriber base as it trails far behind China Mobile, the country’s number one mobile operator.


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