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GPS obsessed

20 June 2018

Kosher GPS? Yep, Mio launches the Ma’amin in Israel for Orthodox Jews

Wow!  I never would have thought Mio would release a ‘kosher’ GPS device, but in Israel this morning that is exactly what the PND maker did. Called the Mio Ma’amin (or Mio Believer), the GPS device is designed in tune with Jewish Orthodox beliefs stripping out the internet connectivity, uses a man’s voice, and offering a database of kosher restaurants and points of interest.  The device also includes the Book of Psalms, three daily prayer services, the Traveler’s Prayer, a Hebrew calendar and two versions of Grace After Meals.  Unfortunately these latter features are only available in Hebrew while many of the typical GPS features will be in both Hebrew and English.  So, kosher folk, you can get your Mio Ma’amin now starting at NIS 990 or roughly US$240.

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