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16 August 2018

Linux Foundation executive director Jim Zemlin responds to Microsoft, TomTom patent agreement

zemlinThe controversial patent settlement between Microsoft and TomTom yesterday struck a nerve with Linux Foundation executive director Jim Zemlin.

In a blog post today, Zemlin warns developers to be wary of Microsoft’s new found respect for open principles, saying that “the (Microsoft–my addition) press release makes it clear that the motivation behind this case was the fear, uncertainty and doubt Microsoft hoped the suit would create around the use of Linux.”  He further goes on to say that the settlement clearly exemplies why the US patent system is in need of reform–i.e., the FAT file management system isn’t innovative or new–and that in and of itself the case is a non-issue because the FAT system is easily replaced with Linux-based alternatives.

I have to agree with Zemlin when he says that maybe it’s time for companies to “get the FAT out of their products” as it’s obvious Microsoft “does not appear to be a leopard capable of changing its spots.”

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