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23 April 2019

Maemo 5 Alpha SDK available with Location, City Info API’s and 3D graphics support

maemo5 alpha  sdk desktop 150x150 Maemo 5 Alpha SDK available with Location, City Info APIs and 3D graphics supportNokia’s Maemo 5 Alpha SDK is available today…”suitable for adventurous developers wanting to get first impressions of Maemo 5, either by porting existing applications or creating new ones.”  Yep, that’s the story right now, as the alpha release isn’t pretty well devoid of any documentation until experienced hands start putting it together.

The new internet tablet-oriented Maemo will have a fully redesigned user interface, support for hardware accelerated 3D graphics with WVGA resolution, and a variety of new API’s that are ready to be toyed with.

The new inclusions:

  • a location API that includes methods to build location-based applications
  • City Information: methods to find information about cities including name, postal code and country of origin
  • a time management interface for handling time change information and deriving time zone info
  • a Vibra service for triggering and controlling vibrations
  • a device orientation API for detecting current orientation and responding to changes in orientation

Standard API’s like alarm and address book, among others, that were included in Maemo 4 have been improved.

I’m highly anticipating some of the interesting location-aware applications we’ll see from Maemo 5, especially with the new Location API and Nokia’s obviously bullish view regarding LBS.

Also, going off on a tangent now, an article in BusinessWeek magazine this week discusses Sense Networks, a company that crunches anonymous location data from cellular phones to detect patterns in consumer behavior. One of the companies that Sense Networks analyzes data for is Nokia.  Expect something to come of this.

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