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2 August 2020

Microsoft Virtual Earth gets a 21TB imagery update

march live maps Microsoft Virtual Earth gets a 21TB imagery update

Microsoft has dumped 21 terabytes into Microsoft Virtual Earth this month, powering its Live Search Maps property with expanded coverage of a slew of countries.  While Microsoft’s mapping properties tend to live in the shadow of Google Maps, Street View and Earth, I’ve always enjoyed Microsoft’s “Birds Eye” view which allows zooming between satellite imagery and near-street-level imagery.  Contrast that with Google’s Earth and Street View.  While Street View is extremely handy, it would be nice if you were able to zoom in and out and get a bit of an overhead view in order to better find your bearings.  Right now you can’t, and using Google Earth you can’t zoom in close enough to really gain a feel for your surroundings.  Hopefully this is something Google will improve upon in the future.


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