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21 August 2018

Mio to showcase new PND line with Navman’s Spirit interface at CES 2009

navman1 Mio to showcase new PND line with Navmans Spirit interface at CES 2009

Mio will be launching its next-generation of GPS devices with a new–sorta–interface next week at CES.  Mio’s new line will bring the Navman Spirit interface–used by Navman’s S100–to US shores and although few details are available at the moment, Navman’s OS sports touchscreen features that are pretty unique.  Dragging and dropping interface objects, geotagged photo display, and 3D junction views are some examples.

It’s tough to say whether all of Mio’s devices will feature the Spirit interface at CES, but it seems the company will sport an entire new line.  Some of the hardware specs available for one or more of the new devices include a 4.3-inch touchscreen, voice-guided directions and MP3 playback.

This is actually an interesting move on Mio’s part.  Mio hasn’t really caught on in the United States and Navman hasn’t done well anywhere since acquired by the former company.  Will meshing the two together help the PND maker get some traction in the US?  We’ll have to see.

via electronista

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