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GPS obsessed

21 August 2018

Motorola to move aggressively into connected GPS market into fall 2009

motorolagps Motorola to move aggressively into connected GPS market in fall 2009

A report from Twice indicates that Motorola is looking to expand its PND lineup and broaden its distribution this fall while many other GPS makers are leaving the industry altogether.

“We’re absolutely making a bigger play,” said navigation product line manager Blake Bullock to Twice. “We believe we can bring something new to the table with Motorola’s vast experience in wireless connectivity. We have aspirations to do just that, combining the best aspects of 3G smartphones with PNDs and creating optimized experiences for consumers.”

Motorola’s first foray into the portable GPS market occurred last year with the release of the TN20 and TN30 GPS units which are available exclusively from Radio Shack.  While the units look pretty good on paper, at least one subsequent reviewer was less than impressed.

Maybe with Motorola’s new focus on the Android operating system we’ll see a Android-based GPS navigator in the near future!


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