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27 May 2020

Nabbit launches location-based radio app for the iPhone

Nabbit, a mobile application that lets users tag, or “Nabb”, anything they hear on the radio, has released a native iPhone application.

The Nabbit iPhone app uses GPS to detect your location, then loads radio stations available in the local market.  When listening to a station, you can drag the radio dial and Nabbit will display information about the song or ad that is currently playing.  One button click will Nabb the song or ad and save it to your iPhone so you can listen to it at your convenience.

Nabbit iphone native 1 1 home Nabbit launches location based radio app for the iPhoneIf you’re like me you’ve heard a song on the radio that you liked, made a mental note to download it on the computer later, and promptly forgot its name and the performing artist.  I don’t know how many times that’s happened to me, so if you’re like me, Nabbit is definitely useful. 

Aside from the iPhone, Nabbit works as a free service with virtually any other mobile phone as it can be accessed from a mobile browser, or alternatively, as a Java application for any J2ME handset.

I find the Eagan, Minnesota-based company’s Nabbit Ads platform interesting.  It allows advertisers to created interactive advertising campaigns that “integrate radio, mobile, online and viral advertising mediums.”  Rather than target ads based on location, Nabbit lets users save ads and use the respective deal when it suits them.  Not only does this eliminate the invasiveness common to location-based advertising, it puts the user in control of how, when, and where they interact with the ad.

Nabbit songs and ads can be shared with your friends on Facebook and Twitter as well.

The Nabbit iPhone application is available from the iTunes app store.

nabbit via intomobile

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