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21 August 2018

Navigon 8110: Navigon Continues To Impress

Navigon 8110Navigon continues to impress me with their GPS units every time they release a new one. Their latest, the Navigon 8110 actually has an aluminum design, a large 4.8-inch screen and voice command. The 8110 has the usual Navigon features as well including Lane Assistant Pro, Reality View Pro, and Voice Recognition Pro. It also has the increasingly ubiquitous multimedia features such as a picture viewer, MP3 player and FM radio. A 3D Panoramic View can actually be brought up via voice command, making this a virtually hands-free unit. Unfortunately, the Navigon 8110 is a European release, but that makes sense since it utilizes European TMC traffic info redirect you around any traffic congestion you may happen to encounter. Price: 449 Euros including all applicable taxes.

Via Slashgear

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