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20 September 2020

Nikon’s GP-1 Geotagger Gets Reviewed

nikongp1 Nikons GP 1 Geotagger Gets Reviewed

The folks at Digital Review have performed a thorough review of Nikon’s GP-1 GPS geotagging device and were suitably impressed.  If it’s not available now, it should be in the next few days for a little less than $300.  Compatible with Nikon’s D90, D200, D300, D700, and D3 digital SLR camera models, the GP-1 uses GPS satellite information to add latitude, longitude, altitude, and time information to your photographs.

nikongp1b2 Nikons GP 1 Geotagger Gets Reviewed

According to the reviewers, a cold acquisition time takes between 40 to 60 seconds, the latter in urban areas, while a hot acquisition takes only 5 seconds. Geotagged pictures can be integrated with maps with Nikon’s ViewNX V1.2 software or online at, and digital review says that a picture’s location is accurate to within 10 meters. Definitely a recommended product if you’re a big DSLR fan who wants to keep track of photos on a location-based basis.

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