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25 April 2018

No Dell smartphone until 2010? Possibly.

Is it possible we won’t lay eyes on a Dell smartphone until 2010?  Maybe.  Despite rumors that Dell’s first smartphone, possibly based on Google’s Android or Microsoft’s Windows Mobile operating sysem, would debut either next month at the Mobile World Congress or in early September, the company is currently looking at its options.

waiting No Dell smartphone until 2010? Possibly.

From The New York Times:

“But people knowledgeable about the company’s plans say the company does not plan to announce a product anytime soon. Dell continues to debate whether its current design, said to be based on an ARM processor like the one in the iPhone, will prove unusual enough to impress consumers and worthy of putting into the market.

Meanwhile, the company is also exploring how to create a more powerful product that could ship in 2010 and introduce new features capable of challenging rivals. For example, Dell could put its Zing music software, originally intended for use in a line of portable music players, onto a smartphone.”

Dell refuses to comment on what it says is just “rumors and speculation,” but it wouldn’t surprise me if Dell held off on releasing the so-called “MePhone” dell music No Dell smartphone until 2010? Possibly.until next year.  The company has a history of failed attempts at entering the portable device market, includes last year’s digital music player that never did hit shelves.

The company has to release an amazing product, with features not found on Apple’s iPhone or Research In Motion’s Blackberry devices.  As I’ve mentioned before, Dell has the hardware experience to do this–though not with cellular radios–but would likely have to outsource the software engineering.

Dell would be smart to target the enterprise market as well.  The company has always held firm enterprise market share in its PC business and has the know-how and relationships to make an enterprise cellphone work.  Can it pull off an iPhone-like device targeted at the mainstream consumer market?  I doubt it.

But as it sits now, there isn’t much point in speculating is there?  Expect Dell’s MePhone sometime between next month and the end of 2010.

via silicon alley insider

(Image Credit: amyliagrace)

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