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6 August 2020

Nokia E90 Smartphone GPS Functionality Gets Reviewed

dscf2934 Nokia E90 Smartphone GPS Functionality Gets Reviewed

The fine folks at Mobile Mentalism have written up a comprehensive review of Nokia’s E90 Communicator smartphone concluding that every feature performed exceptionally…except for the assisted GPS.  That’s right, the E90 which uses Nokia Maps finds your location easily enough no matter where you are in the world (it was tested in both the UK and San Francisco), will calculate a route for you and even guide you to your destination by voice (for a little extra coin), but in the end it’s just plain slow.  In fact, says Mobile Mentalism, “horribly slow”.

screenshot0008 Nokia E90 Smartphone GPS Functionality Gets Reviewed

If you’re familiar with the Nokia E90, it’s something like a UMPC.  When closed it looks like a typical mobile phone with a small screen on the outside; when opened it looked like a mini-laptop with a larger screen inside.  The GPS and Nokia Maps is a little faster on the small screen, but that’s the thing-it’s small.  On the large screen, Mobile Mentalism says it’s “so slow…as to be unusable”.  If anything the E90 Communicator’s GPS is useful for finding POI’s that you know are in the general vicinity or for geo-tagging pictures thanks to a downloadable application, but as for real-time navigation-absolutely useless.

via mobile mentalism

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