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20 August 2018

Nokia Maps 2.0 Out Of Beta With A Bunch Of New Features

Nokia Maps 2.0

Nokia Maps 2.0 is ready to graduate from beta with a whole new list of features added to the service all thanks to tester suggestions and feedback.  Some of the new features include a “My Licenses” category to see what licenses you’ve purchased, the addition of 7-digit postal codes in the UK, a flat menu structure for simplified route planning, increased GPS frequency, manual zoom, and the addition of latitude and longitude coordinates under the Details menu.  The flagship feature added in the beta phase is network-based positioning which will position you within 5-10 seconds on a map using a pink circle.  Once the GPS position is locked the pink circle disappears and the GPS position is used instead because it’s more accurate.  This feature works on all AGPS-enabled devices, but users of the Nokia E90 mobile phone will require a software update that will be released in the near future.  And for residents of New Zealand, Venezuela and Chile: you’ll be happy to know Nokia Maps 2.0 now works in your countries as well.

via nokia beta labs

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