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9 July 2020

nrme: Twitter In A 9 Block Radius; Cool Idea But Will It Reach A Critical Mass Of Users

nrme LogoBig dick Mike Arrington and his crew over at TechCrunch got an early look at iPhone app nrme, a mobile messaging system that only allows messages between people within a 9 block radius of one another.  Something like Twitter, nrme (pronounced near me) allows you to submit short messages on your iPhone which are readable by everyone using the app in the vicinity.  Unlike Twitter, there is no “follow” option but there is the option of privately chatting with other users.  The real purpose of nrme is to find out what’s going on within walking distance of your current location rather than making friends or socializing.  Andrew Bennett, CEO of nrme, plans on displaying local advertising in order to monetize the app and sees it used by bars to announce happy hours and hotels offering discounts.  Sounds interesting but for it to really work, nrme will have to find a critical mass of users plus a way of filtering out irrelevant messages or friends would just be better off sending text messages to each other in order to update everyone on local happenings.  nrme should make its debut sometime this summer, very likely in a couple of weeks when the iPhone App Store is expected to open.

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