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12 December 2019

O2 grabs Palm Pre exclusive for the UK

palmpre 150x150 O2 grabs Palm Pre exclusive for the UKWireless carrier O2 will sell the Palm Pre exclusively in the United Kingdom, according to The Guardian.  Details regarding an availability aren’t known yet, but an official announcement is supposedly coming next week so we should know more than.  O2 has also grabbed an exclusive on the new iPhone 3GS, of which over 1 million were sold in its first 3 days on sale after being announced a couple of weeks ago.  Analysts believe about 300, 000 Pres have been sold, but online reviews of the new phone and its webOS operating system have been by and large quite positive.  It’ll be interesting to see how Palm and Apple’s new devices will compare in sales numbers when being offered by the same network.  Also keep an eye on Carphone Warehouse as the online shop will probably stock both phones as well.


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