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11 August 2020

Obama gets his Blackberry after all (Updated: or maybe not)

barack obama blackberry 150x150 Obama gets his Blackberry after all (Updated: or maybe not)President Barack Obama will get to keep his beloved Blackberry, reports The Atlantic.

On Monday, a government agency that the Obama administration  — but that is probably the National Security Agency — added to a standard blackberry a super-encryption package…. and Obama WILL be able to use it … still for routine and personal messages.

It’s not clear whether he yet has the device.

Obama and other officials won’t be able to use Instant Messaging in the White House.

Hmmm…maybe Obama will consider that Blackberry endorsement package worth a reported $50 million now.

Update: Engadget is reporting some confusion around this story.  The encryption package referred to in this story is actually the Sectera Edge from General Dynamics.  This is an NSA-approved smartphone that isn’t a Blackberry and has nothing to do with Blackberry.  We’re still not sure if Obama will keep his Blackberry for PERSONAL use.

via atlantic

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